Data Destruction

Complete & Compliant service

Dispose of your data in a secure, compliant and effective manor. All data destruction is fully traceable with serialised certificates provided.

Magnetic data bearing media is degaussed to CESG Higher Level prior to the devices being crushed. All items are then physically disposed of through a WEEE compliant waste vendor.

The degaussing process is to the highest current standard and will guarantee that no data is retrievable.

White Canyon Data purge/wipe is available to allow drive re-use or re-sale. This offers certification to HIPAA, NATO NIAPC, NYCE, ADISA and National Cyber Security Centre standards.

Key points

  • HMG Infosec Standard 5 Manual ā€œSā€ SSL 2 magnetic data purge
  • Serialised Certificate of destruction issued for compliance
  • Fully traceable and recorded on CCTV
  • Guaranteed permanent destruction of data
  • Secure building with PES level 4 cleared staff
  • Onsite degauss available
Data Destruction